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Splined and DD  Shafting

We recommend splined shafting as it is a simple and safe method of attaching your steering components Should you need to change the phasing slightly (because of a "tight spot") you can easily index or rotate the shaft 10 degree/tooth. This is one of the drawbacks of using "DoubleD" shafting -the alignment is fixed. The "Double D" method, however is still much preferred over welding and/or pinning as these have more serious drawbacks. Welding is a more permanent connection and has caused problems with side-to-side play in the joints. Welding should be done by a licensed welder and even then it's impossible to detect hairline cracks that may cause a fail ure unless the weld is magnafluxed. With pinning, the pins can loosen and back themselves out with vibration. It's necessary to use some type of a safety back up, such as putting a hose clamp over them.

Measuring for the shafting is easy: with a two joint system using our vibration reducer (VRI), measure the void between the end of the column and the end of the box or pinion shaft. From that length, subtract 5-3/4" and order the next even increment. With a two joint system not using the VRI, measure the void as above, subtract 2-3/4" and order the next even increment. The shafting can be easily trimmed using a hack saw and the edge re-beveled with a file, sanding belt or grinder for a nice fit. If using more than two joints, we recommend buying the joints needed and then mocking up the system using wooden dowels or PVC pipe to get the proper lengths and angles. The system must be supported if using more than two joints.

Find the length shaft you need from the chart below and then highlight it in the "Choose Your Application" box, then click the order button.


BORG-S-SHAFT$35.00Choose Your Application: 

DD Shaft 18"3/4 DD shaft 18" long.

DD Shaft 36"3/4 DD Shaft 36" long.

Rod End BearingRod end bearing for 3/4" shaft.

Stainless Steel DD Shaft 22" Long SSDDShaft$48.00
Stainless Steel DD Shaft 36" Long SSDDshaft$64.00
Stainless Steel Polished DD Shaft 22" Long SSPDDShaft$65.00
Stainless Steel Polished DD Shaft 36" Long SSPDDShaft$99.00

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