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16 Series Steel U-Joint

Our newest style u-joint incorporates the latest in CNC machining technology. By utilizing our recently acquired equipment, we have eliminated some of the manual manufacturing steps while maintaining the same safety and quality features you have come to expect from BORGESON u-joints. With all the various types of steel available, many of which should not be used in steering components, BORGESON has worked with our steel suppliers to pick the highest quality steel for steering applications. With independent testing showing strengths over double the standards for 4 X 4 pickup trucks, these u-joints are tough and reliable. Similar to OEM automotive and truck u-joints, the staked needle bearing caps prevent loosening and adjustment malfunction. The angle of deflection of the 16 Series u-joints has been increased 35o eliminating the need for a third u-joint in some applications.

Find the u-joint you need from the chart below and then highlight it in the "Application" box, then click the order button. You must do this for each joint you want to order. You may also choose a stainlees joint and you can have it polished too.


Part No. Size/Spline X Size/Spline
U16N-736X736 3/4-36X 3/4-36
U16N-736X526 3/4-36 X 9/16-26
U16N-7DDX526 3/4-DD X 9/16-26
U16N-736X7DD 3/4-36 X 3/4-DD
U16N-148X736 1"-48 X 3/4-36
U16N-736X1DD 3/4-36 X 1"-DD
U16N-148X7DD 1"-48 X 3/4-DD
U16N-7DDX1DD 3/4-DD X 1"-DD
U16N-7DDX7DD 3/4-DD X 3/4-DD
U16N-736X636 3/4-36 X 5/8-36
U16N-7DDX636 GM 3/4-DD X 5/8-36
U16N-7DDX636C Chrysler 3/4-DD X 5/8-36 Chrysler
U16N-736X730 3/4-36 X 3/4-30
U16N-7DDX730 3/4-DD X 3/4-30
U16N-736X836 3/4-36 X 13/16-36
U16N-7DDX836 3/4-DD X 13/16-36
U16N-736X3/4 smooth bore 3/4-36 X 3/4 smooth bore
U16N-636X636 5/8-36 X 5/8-36
U16N-7DDX3/4 Smooth Bore 3/4-DD X 3/4 smooth Bore
U16N-7DD X V Yoke '94 Mustang & Up 3/4-DD X V Yoke

If you choose the stainless option and the polished option the total for your U-joint will be $121.00

Needle Bearing Universal Joints U-16-Series$79.00




***All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice***

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