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1933-34 Dodge Billet Dash Insert

 33 - 34 Dodge Dash

DH33DV   33 - 34 Dodge Dash VDO gauge 

DH33DD  33 - 34 Dodge Dash Dolphin gauge 

DH33DC2  33 - 34 Dodge Dash Classic gauge (2 hole)

 DH33DC3  33 - 34 Dodge Dash Classic gauge (3 hole)

 Add $15.00 for polished

 Add $20.00 for engine turned
on any flat surface dash insert



 All of these dash inserts the gauges will mount from the rear.


 Place the dash insert on the table FACE DOWN.

Place the gauge in the insert, FACE DOWN.

Install the screws that will hold the gauge in place. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.


$125.00Choose your dash insert: 

Please polish this dash $15.00
Engine turn this dash $20.00

***All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice***

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